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Thomas Schmidt: Entdecke die Eulen

Language: German
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Discover the owls


Owls are nocturnal hunters. With their super senses they find their prey in the darkness. There are many exciting things to discover around these fantastic birds: Why do owls fly almost silently? Which owl is the largest and which the smallest in the world? Are there owls that also eat fish? Why is the owl a symbol of wisdom? Where can you observe owls? These and many more questions about the birds of the night are answered here in a child-friendly way - an exciting and entertaining journey of discovery through the fascinating world of owls!


Knowledge that makes fun!                                         

·        Birds of the night

·        Adaptation to the nightlife

o   eyes

o   Ears

o   Feathers

·        Where do owls live

·        Which owls breed in Europe

·        Skilled hunters with a long menu

·        Reproduction of owls

·        Man and owls

·        Protection of the owls

·        Extra: Big owl quiz


48 pages

80 colour photos

large format: 20,7 x 28 cm, hardcover



Language : German


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