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Sigrid März: Katharinasittiche

Language: German
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Catherine parakeets - Unusual parrots in a small format


On 80 informative pages the experienced keeper and author Sigrid März describes everything about the species-appropriate care, nutrition, health and housing of Catherine's parakeets. To emphasize are the helpful tips for cage and aviary equipment as well as for acclimatization and socialization. With the help of numerous practical photos, the behaviour of Catherine parakeets can be recognised and applied to your own birds at home. Extensive chapters on nutrition and health as well as digressions into the areas of breeding and colour mutations round off this vivid book.


In the 'At a glance' category, there are also double-page overviews that summarise the appearance of the parakeets, their eating habits and diseases. An ABC of behaviour also introduces readers to the body language of the Catherine parakeets. The book is a project of the Katharinasittichnetzwerk.


Language: German

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