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Schwarzer: Meise mag Melisse

Language: German
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Tit likes balm

With the right plants, create habitats for insects, birds & Co.

Did you know that blue tits love lemon balm because it can drive parasites out of the nest? Or that the mint beetle eats so much mint that it smells of it itself? Elke Schwarzer takes you on a voyage of discovery through your own garden and tells you which plants you can use to attract your very own favourite animals. With spindle tree, African sage and loosestrife robins, and orange tips  are guaranteed to quickly feel at home. Transform your garden into a nature experience and at the same time contribute to the preservation of the local biodiversity. Your new fellow lodgers will thank you for it!


Author: Elke Schwarzer

Elke Schwarzer is a graduate biologist and travels in nature as often as possible. She photographs plants and insects and regularly gardens in her natural garden. There are several bee hotels, a bumblebee nest box, sand bees in the lawn and orange tips that lay their eggs on the African sage.


2020, 128 pages, 110 colour photos, flap brochure



Language: German

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