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Schleussner, G.: Prachtfinken

Language: German
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Estrildid finches

The book first introduces the estrildid finches as bird-family and gives a short overview of its way of life in its home as well as over its behaviors. Based on this, the basics of species-appropriate housing and nutrition, tips on care and breeding as well as on the recognition and prevention of diseases in captivity are given.


In the following special part, some selected species of estrildid finches are presented in short portraits, with special reference to their suitability or unsuitability as beginner birds.


Finally, the appendix gives an overview of bird lovers' associations, magazines and books on the subject of estrildid finches.


96 pages, 16.5 cm x 23.5 cm), 50 photos and 20 drawings


Language: German

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