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Robiller, F.: Lexikon der Vogelpflege - 2 Bände

Language: German
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The great lexicon of bird care

The publisher of the new reference book for bird lovers Doz. Dr. habil. Franz Robiller, together with 50 other authors from all over the world, has described all bird species and subspecies that are or were in trade in Europe. In the present encyclopaedia, the protection of species richness is an important topic. Detailed information based on the latest scientific knowledge helps to avoid mistakes in the care and breeding of birds, to recognise and prevent diseases and to interpret behaviour. The spectrum of content also includes descriptions of breeders' associations, nature conservation organisations, magazines and biographies of important personalities. Numerous colour photographs and illustrations complete the encyclopaedia. Since parrots and parakeets are very important in the keeping and breeding of birds, much attention has been paid to this group of birds in the new encyclopaedia.


2 volumes (volume 1: A-K, volume 2: L-Z) in slipcase, 894 pages, format 20 x 28 cm, 940 illustrations, photos and drawings


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Language: German

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