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Robert Höck: Happy Hühnergarten

Language: German
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Happy Chicken Garden

The pleasure of gardening with happy chickens


Fans of the YouTube series "Happy Huhn" have known it for a long time: The dream of a beautiful garden can certainly be successfully combined with chicken farming. Many a chicken lover is also a garden freak, and the connection between the two hobbies can be so successful that an initially inconspicuous garden can, over time, develop into a real oasis of well-being for people, animals and plants, almost resembling a small Garden of Eden.


Chickens do not necessarily have to turn a well-kept garden into a desert by their feeding and scratching activities. They do not have to be a constant nuisance to the neighbourhood with noise and odours, and they are not an "unmanageable task" in terms of their husbandry requirements. In an entertaining way, poultry professional Robert Höck tells you in this book how your garden chickens become "happy" and how they stay that way. He also gives you some gardening advice. The first part of the book deals with a wide variety of topics relating to the successful keeping of chickens in private gardens. Topics such as "Is my garden suitable for chickens", "Chicken keeping in the city garden", "Chicken houses for the garden", "Keeping garden chickens healthy" up to "Offspring of garden chickens", Robert Höck describes convincingly with his "Happy Chicken Philosophy".

In the second part, the trained landscape gardener presents 30 garden treasures for the chicken garden in detail, from the chicken medicinal plant to the pretty climbing plant for the beautification of the enclosure fence. Finally, in the third part, the author tells the exciting stories of 15 exquisite chicken breeds, which for various reasons are particularly suitable for keeping in the "Happy Hühnergarten". Be it because they are very small, especially quiet or also trusting and therefore suitable for families. So you too will find the perfect breed for your garden, with the right characteristics you want from your future "fellow gardeners".


From the contents:

·        Chicken keeping in the private garden

·        Is my garden fit for chickens

·        Chicken farming in the Stadtgarten

·        Produce high quality feed for garden chickens

·        30 plant treasures for the chicken garden

houseleek - the "Aloe vera" from the roof of the stable

Camomile - the medicinal plant of chicks

·        The 15 best breeds for gardening


Author: Robert Höck

Robert Höck, born in 1988, grew up on a small, traditional farm in the Tiroler Unterland in Schwoich together with many animals. Even as a small boy he loved animals and had one eye on endangered breeds. Chickens, cattle and horses were his first priority. After attending agricultural school and training as a landscape gardener, he founded his first YouTube® channel back in 2008, which still exists today. The YouTube series "Happy Huhn", which now comprises 170 episodes, has brought him more than 300,000 subscribers. According to the rankings of "Socialblade", Robert currently ranks 21st among Austria's most influential YouTubers.


2019, 128 pages, paperback, colour illustrations throughout


Language: German

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