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Jennifer Gekeler: Kreative Beschäftigung für Papageien, Sittiche & Co.

Language: German
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Creative activities for parrots, parakeets & Co.

More than 100 ideas, instructions and tricks for handicrafts, shredding, disassembling. No more boredom. Happy shredding and dismantling is the order of the day. Your birds will love it.


This book makes pet bird keepers and their feathered friends happy at the same time. With paper, ropes, paste and other simple working materials, variety is brought into the everyday life of parrots, budgies, cockatiels and other pet birds.


The instructions for tinkering and working make creative toys that can be shredded, disassembled and destroyed. The DIY approach takes centre stage. The expert Jennifer Gekeler has compiled over 100 tips in her richly illustrated instructions and tested them herself.


She has been a leading expert for creative "Spielzeug für Tiere" in workshops and TV shows as well as an author in Wellensittich & Papageien Magazin for many years and runs the company of the same name. Her best ideas are presented for the first time in this specialist book especially for bird owners. Numerous illustrations, guidelines and tangible tricks motivate readers to copy and do it themselves. There is plenty of room for your own imagination.


Plus extra chapter on safety: how to avoid accidents, injury and hygiene risks with toys.


112 pages with numerous colourful illustrations + exclusive photos ISBN 978-3-945440-42-1


Language: German

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