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Hoffmann: Der auf den Menschen geprägte Graupapagei

Language: German
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The grey parrot conditioned on humans

The truth behind the grey facade

Even a tame grey parrot that has been condditioned on humans wants to live the perfection of nature - no matter in which husbandry system. But due to ignorance, it is permanently forced to break down because of misconceptions about its genetic characteristics and peculiarities. So that the many lovers can also understand this, do not experience bitter disappointment, the “GrauenGrauen”, what conditioning on humans really entails. So this book is a must for every bird lover who does not fall in love with the first impression or is deceived, but first wants to look behind the grey façade. But also for owners who have grown fond of a single bird for many years, who means everything to them and whom they do not want to or cannot keep in any other type of husbandry for any money in this world. However, they are looking for easy-to-implement suggestions to improve the health of their bird. It is very clear to read why diseases no longer have a chance and why plumage problems lasting for years could be conquered, why it was not Darwin's theory of evolution but the observance of the laws of genetics and human care that played the decisive role. Literature which is certainly controversial, but which has hardly been found before in such detail and with such practical clarification.

Author: Gerd H. Hoffmann

2011, 129 pages, softcover


Language: German

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