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Forshaw, J.: Australische Papageien - 2 volumes + free DVD

Language: German
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Forshaw, J.: Australian parrots - 2 volumes + free DVD

The classic AUSTRALIAN PARROTS by the Australian parrot expert Joseph M. Forshaw has now been published for the first time in German in a greatly revised and supplemented two-volume edition! The first volume deals with a detailed introduction all Australian cockatoos and loris, volume 2 the parakeets and other parrots of the continent. The author goes into great detail about the wild life and the keeping and breeding of these birds. It is the most detailed ever written about Australian parrots and parakeets. Unique are the illustrations by William Cooper, who is certainly the leading illustrator of parrots today.


As a gift for the purchase of both volumes in the package, you will receive a wonderful DVD about the parrots and parakeets of Australia, which was filmed by the famous filmmakers Karin and Karl-Heinz Lambert and which is only available here and otherwise not for sale.


Volume 1 consists of 304 p., (23 cm x 31.5 cm), numerous colored photos, illustrations and distribution maps.


Volume 2 consists of 388 p., (23 cm x 31.5 cm), numerous color photos, illustrations and distribution maps.


The DVD has a playing time of about 58 minutes.


Language: German

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