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F.Kaleta/Maria-Elisabeth Krautwald-Junghanns: Kompendium der Ziervogelkrankheiten

Language: German
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Compendium of pet bird diseases - parrots, pigeons, passerines


The standard work on pet bird diseases presents the complete field of pet bird medicine in a compact form.


The authors treat all major infectious and non-infectious diseases in pet birds according to symptoms, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, therapy and prophylaxis. They give advice on propaedeutics as well as on behaviour and behavioural disorders.


Information on zoonoses and animal health regulations complete the presentation of the disease patterns. The detailed medication appendix is up to date. A standard textbook in the study of veterinary medicine and a competent reference book for the practice at the same time.


Author: Erhard F. Kaleta | Maria-Elisabeth Krautwald-Junghanns | Hafez Mohamed Hafez | Jean-Michel Hatt | Rüdiger Korbel | Norbert Kummerfeld | Ulrich Neumann | Alexandra Scope


The book is included in the teaching aid program of the "Akademie für Vogelhaltung".


Current, revised edition 372 pages, figures: 45 tables, hardcover


Language: German

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