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Diana Eberhardt: Kreatives Kochen für Papageien, Sittiche und Menschen

Language: German
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Creative cooking for parrots, parakeets and humans


These tasty pages bring fresh ideas into the kitchen. With natural, tested and seasonally suitable ingredients. For cooking, baking and fantasyful preparation.


The instructions are easy to follow for everyone. The preparation time, the procurement and handling of the ingredients as well as practical tips on processing provide reliable orientation.


Quick and spontaneous snacks alternate with dishes that promote your own cooking skills. There is also room for personal refinement. Drinks are also included in an additional chapter. The seasons chapters also bring the best natural ingredients of the season - from spring to winter - to the table.


Practical: cooking only once for pet birds and humans.


Convivial: Enjoy together with your own parrots & parakeets.


Various: From a simple snack to the art of cooking.


Creative: Recipes to try out with room for ideas.


Helpful: Information on preparation time and degrees of difficulty are always included.


Delicious: Recipes purely vegan.


Basic recipes: Without fats, oils, sugar, honey.


Variations: For birds with lower or higher energy needs.


The menu for e.g. parrots, budgies, cockatiels and other pet birds can be varied and healthy throughout the year with this cookbook.


Over 125 informative pages, numerous tasty photos. A pleasure for birds and their owners alike!


Author: Diana Eberhardt


Language: German

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