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Diana Eberhardt: Haltung von Weißbauchpapageien

Language: German
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Keeping of caiques - the practice guidebook for the everyday life with white bellied caiques and black headed caiques.

The most important to nutrition, employment, health, accommodation for one of the most popular and most active parrot kinds! A comprehensive and entertaining reference book. The most current German-language publication on this species.


The life with caiques is wonderfully descriptive and at the same time well-founded represented. A helpful guideline for more joy and security in the private attitude.


With an extra chapter "breeding" by veterinarian Carina Anthonj. A professional insight for committed keepers.


Book author Diana Eberhardt publishes in WP Wellensittich & Papageien Magazin and is a sought-after speaker on bird keeping. She is a specialist for caiques. More than 40 years of bird keeping form her practical background and today it is the two white bellied caiques named Erna and Oscar, which offer daily new impulses and challenges.


The book has over 100 pages and more than 60 illustrations.



Language: German


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