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Bob Doneley: Vogelmedizin und Chirurgie in der tierärztlichen Praxis

Language: German
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Bob Doneley: Bird medicine and surgery in veterinary practice

Birds kept as pets birds and in aviaries

In this concise, practical and richly illustrated book, the first chapters deal with anatomy and physiology, clinical examination, clinical techniques and advice on how to interpret diagnostic results. Further chapters discuss changes in the various organ systems - both external (skin and feathers, eyes, legs and feet) and internal (the digestive tract, respiratory system, cardiovascular system and reproduction).


Other avian medicine topics covered in the book include incubation, pediatrics, behavioral problems, anesthesia and analgesia, surgery, and dosage suggestions for commonly used drugs. Biological data on frequently kept bird species complete the book. A keyword index facilitates access to specific problems in daily work.


Based on his 30 years of clinical experience in avian medicine, the author has written the book as a reference book for clinicians and as a textbook for students and postgraduates of veterinary medicine. The second edition was translated from English by Hermann Kempf, who is one of the leading specialists in avian medicine in the German-speaking world.


The book is also a treasure trove of knowledge for dedicated bird owners and bird breeders who want to learn more about professional bird medicine. It is included in the teaching aid program of the "Akademie für Vogelhaltung". 


Hardback, large format, Frankfurt am Main 2015, 336 pages, 300 illustrations

Author: Bob Doneley


Language: German

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