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Norbert Schramm:Kompendium - Kanarienvögel

Language: German
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Compendium - Canaries

Volume 1: History of keeping diseases breeding singing canaries


With this volume the well-known author begins a three-part book series, which will treat all breeding directions of canary breeding in compact form.


In volume 1, the interesting history of the Canary Island's development into a canary is considered under partly new aspects. The book contains practice-proven advice on species-appropriate keeping, care and breeding as well as on a balanced, largely natural diet for canaries.

In addition to an introduction to the anatomy of birds, embryonic development and feather construction, the volume also deals with compactly compiled advice on the treatment of diseases and parasite infestation.

The special part of the book explains the three main song canary breeds and their songs. In addition, there are valuable tips for breeding the song colour and song position canaries. This part of the book is rounded off with tips on breeding and training the song canaries.


About the author and other contributors

Norbert Schramm:

Born in 1953; has been breeding finches since his early youth. Since 1974 he has been a member of a traditional Dresden breeders' association and started breeding colour and posture canaries. Since 1985 he has been a trained judge for colour and posture canaries, carduelids, mixed finches and later also for European birds. With the experimental breeding of many canary breeds and carduelids he acquired extensive knowledge.

His publications on the colouring of birds and the scientific representation of canary colours developed from this make him well known to experts.

His first major work, "Die Farbenkanarien", has become an important reference work for many breeders.


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Hardcover edition: 288 pages

Language: German

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Language: German

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