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Naumann: Die Vögel Mitteleuropas

Language: German
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The Birds of Central Europe

An expert selection

With a foreword by Klaus Nottmeyer

United for the first time in a large-format illustrated book:

The Birds of Central Europe in copper engravings (1820-1844) and lithographs (1897-1905)

Johann Friedrich Naumann (1780-1856) was an important German ornithologist and is considered the founder of ornithology in Central Europe. For the 13-volume edition of the "Naturgeschichte der Vögel Mitteleuropas" (Natural History of the Birds of Central Europe), which was published under the name of his father Johann Andreas from 1820 to 1844, Johann Friedrich himself drew all the bird illustrations from nature.

The new edition of Naumann's Naturgeschichte der Vögel Mitteleuropas in the so-called 3rd edition 50 years later was adopted by renowned ornithologists. Naumann's texts remained unchanged, errors were corrected in footnotes or additions to new research. In addition, new observed species were included.

All illustrations were redrawn in a new format, as the copper plates had been lost or could no longer be used: The birds should now be depicted in their characteristic habitat. This volume presents an expert selection of 90 plates from the 12-volume new edition (1897- 1905). The lithographs are juxtaposed with the original copper engravings from Johann Friedrich Naumann's first edition (1820-1844). All birds are labelled according to Naumann's classification and nomenclature.

Author: Johann Friedrich Naumann

2021, 208 pages, hardcover edition


Language: German

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