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National Geographic: Die Schönheit der Vögel

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National Geographic: The Beauty of Birds

130 years of unique bird photography


An exquisite illustrated book for all bird lovers


The most spectacular photos by the best National Geographic photographers from 1888 to the present day.

With dreamlike illustrations of birds from all over the world.

With emotional images of growing up, flying, singing, hunting and courtship.

Sociable macaws in the Peruvian rainforest, Japanese cranes in a snow flurry, golden eagles hunting: fascinating bird images by renowned National Geographic photographers from 130 years reveal unique emotional moments and show the elegance, wisdom and beauty of birds all over the world. Classical illustrations and in-depth texts by famous researchers complement this opulent volume and make it a treasure for all lovers of birds, nature and art.


Author: Catherine Herbert Howell


2019, 519 pages, hardcover

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