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Mebs, Scherzinger: Die Eulen Europas

Language: German
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The owls of Europe

Biology, characteristics, stocks


The standard work and most up-to-date book on all 13 owl species in Europe.

With distribution maps and current stock figures.

With information on species and biotope protection.


Owls are not only fascinating birds, they also impress us with their extraordinary adaptations as "hunters of the night". In this standard work all 13 owl species occurring in Europe are presented. It is a book of identification, a reference book and a modern compendium on the diversity of performance of these extraordinary animals.


Detailed drawings of typical positions, behaviour and facial expressions. Over 300 brilliant photos for the classification of branch dresses, colour phases or flight pictures. Updated distribution maps and latest population estimates for the countries of Europe with a focus on Central Europe. Behaviour, voice, breeding biology and juvenile development for identification, population survey and interpretation of own observations. Life strategies, hunting techniques, prey selection and habitat requirements. Causes of threats and information on species and biotope protection.


A completely revised and updated standard work for all owl enthusiasts, bird watchers, students or experts.


Authors: Theodor Mebs, Wolfgang Scherzinger


3rd edition 2020, 325 colour photos, 6 b/w photos, 416 pages, hardcover edition


Language: German

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