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Markus Hübl: Kanarien

Language: German
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Gifted with voice - lively - active



·        where and how canaries live and communicate in nature

·        how to choose your canaries correctly, feed and care for them optimally

·        how to easily provide them with a large and varied bird home

·        and - live and up close and personal - to watch the canaries in their world

·        With lots of extra info, tips and instructions


Markus Hübl

Markus Hübl studies veterinary medicine with a focus on behavioural biology, pet keeping and animal welfare. Besides other pets, a group of canaries lives in his apartment.


Canaries. Gifted with voice - lively - active, Markus Hübl, 2005, 64 pages, 60 colour photos


Language: German

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