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Low Rosemary: Quiz Book

Parrot Quiz Book No 1 - Language: English
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Parrot Quiz Book No 1 

Rosemary Low has been working with parrots for more than 50 years and has privately and professionally as a curator in Loro Parque and Palmitos Park, intensively supervising and studying over 200 species. Among the more than 50 books she has written, there are also some very humorous and entertaining titles such as the present Parrot Quiz Book, in which the author has collected a variety of interesting and unusual questions about parrots and parakeets with often astonishing and sometimes curious answers and facts. Rosemary Low serves all target groups: Beginners, advanced and experts as well as the specialists among the parrot connoisseurs. The perfect book for the club evening!


Paperback - 92 pages + photo quiz


Language: English

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