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Klaus Ruge: Entdecke die Spechte

Language: German
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Discover the woodpeckers


Every child knows the hammering of woodpeckers. But why do they hammer and drum at all? And why don't they get headaches from it? What do woodpeckers eat? What kinds of lively climbing artists live with us? How can children watch woodpeckers and what can they do for their protection? Woodpecker expert Klaus Ruge answers all questions about these colourful sympathizers in this exciting book!


From the contents:

·        Of juice lickers and woodpeckers

·        Typical woodpecker: How children recognize woodpeckers

·        The language of the woodpeckers

·        Caring parents: How woodpeckers raise their cute little boys

·        Woodpeckers from all over the world

·        A portrait of our native woodpeckers

·        Fascinating colour photos

·        Extra: Big woodpecker quiz


56 pages, colour photos throughout, large format: 20.7 x 28 cm, hardcover


Language: German

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