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Klaus, Bergmann: Auerhühner & Co.

Language: German
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Wood grouse & Co.

Secret birds in wild nature

This book presents the beauty and peculiarity of the grouse species of Europe and Asia in understandable texts and selected pictures. In addition to the indigenous species of capercaillie, black grouse and hazel grouse, the rare and so far only little researched sibling species - the black billed capercaillie, Caucasian black grouse, Chinese grouse and Asian spouse grouse - are presented for the first time in texts and high-class photos.

The book offers exciting insights into the life and behavior of these fascinating birds and at the same time provides the knowledge needed for their protection.

In addition to the information necessary to identify the species, the book deals with the enormous adaptability of the grouse to the respective habitats. The unique, often spectacular courtship behavior can be experienced through the film sequences which can be called up via QR codes.

Authors: Siegfried Klaus, Hans-Heiner Bergmann

2020, 256 pages, 323 color illustrations, 15 pen-and-ink plates, hardcover

Language: German 

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