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Hervé Husson: Ideenbuch Hühnerställe

Language: German
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Chicken houses idea book

12 models step by step self-made

You keep chickens and dream of a chicken house made to measure? The twelve models presented here are easy to copy, look beautiful and are perfect for family chickens in the garden. All stables offer the chickens comfort and safety. Whether small, mobile henhouse, henhouse with aviary, chicken house on stilts or an enclosure especially for laying hens: The illustrated step-by-step instructions show you exactly how you can easily build your dream stable yourself. You will also find the appropriate building instructions for the interior of the chicken house with seating, laying nests and feeding troughs as well as ramps and chicken ladders.


Author: Hervé Husson

Herve Husson is a chicken farmer through and through. On his blog "Chez Ysengrin" he gives beginners practical tips on how to keep chickens.


2nd, updated edition 2019. 144 pages, 60 colour photos, 300 colour drawings, from the French by Claudia Ade, paperback


Language: German

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