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Hervé Husson: Alles über Hühner

Language: German
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All about chickens

Animal welfare in chicken farming

Breeding and the right breeds for the garden


Hervé Husson, a hobby breeder for many years, would like to share his love of chickens with you. This book contains his collected experiences. Especially for beginners, he first answers the twelve most frequently asked questions about species-appropriate chicken farming. He gives tips on a safe henhouse and run, feeding, health maintenance, hygiene, the decision whether to breed or hybrid chickens, breeding, behaviour and handling chickens. Also: 32 breed portraits, chicken diseases and symptoms as overviews, the chicken medicine chest and many picture by picture instructions. Accompany the author through the everyday life of chickens in his garden, collect the eggs with him and let him inspire you.


Author: Hervé Husson


Hervé Husson is a chicken farmer through and through. On his blog "Chez Ysengrin" he gives beginners practical tips on how to keep chickens.


2016, 256 pages, 325 colour photos, 45 colour drawings, hardcover


Language: German



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