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Helga Müller-Wensky: Entdecke die Kraniche

Language: German
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Discover the cranes


What elegance and beauty! Cranes have always impressed people - not for nothing are they considered birds of happiness. In this book you will learn everything about these animals - not only about the Eurasian Crane, which you can observe in spring and autumn, but about all crane species worldwide!


The author:

Helga Müller-Wendsky has worked for many years in the primary school sector and as an author she has designed materials with an expert reference. Her passion is animal and nature photography, especially the cranes. She is involved in the protection of cranes and passes on her love for these beautiful birds to children on excursions.


64 pages

colour photos throughout

large format: 20,7 x 28 cm, hardcover



Language: German


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