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Heinrich Kreuser: Leitfaden der Hühnerhaltung

Language: German
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Guide to chicken farming

Heinrich Kreuser is a "learned" poultry breeding master and makes the experience from his working life available to all hobby and leisure breeders in particular.

The book is written "from the practice for the practice" in an understandable way. It explains the history of our domestic chickens, describes the development and feeding from chick to adult, the breeding as well as the exhibition system and informs about the most important chicken diseases.

A further chapter is dedicated to the legal regulations that every breeder and keeper must observe.

A well-founded guidebook especially for beginners who want to avoid mistakes around the keeping of chickens and want to understand their animals better.

Author: Heinrich Kreuser

Heinrich Kreuser, born 1938 in Wachtberg (NRW), decided after his school days and completion of the first apprenticeship in the painting trade to turn his hobby into a profession and learned poultry breeding in a herdbook breeding farm recognized by the Landwirtschaftskammer Rheinland. Later he founded his own poultry farm with his wife and keeps about 1.600 hens. In 1968 he passed the examination for master poultry breeder. The author lives in Artlenburg.

2015, 3rd edition, 96 pages, completely illustrated in 4 colors, paperback

Language: German


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