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Günter Stach: Taubenschläge und Volieren

Language: German
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Pigeon houses and aviaries

How can I build or renovate aviaries or pigeon houses myself?

Which preparations do I have to make?

Which material should I choose and what do I have to consider when planning?

Günter Stach, building expert and pigeon breeder himself for many years, gives valuable tips and practical, partly new ideas for the handicraft conversion. The legal building regulations in the planning principles for old and new buildings are observed.

- Practical tips for the conversion

- Expenses and material procurement

- New construction, modernization and repair

- Different construction methods of pigeon houses

- Vivid examples with many pictures

This book is a practical "do-it-yourself" guide for all pigeon fanciers who want to build individual and attractive lofts or aviaries themselves - for the beginner as well as for the experienced craftsman. Numerous tables, illustrations and detailed building sketches supplement the detailed instructions.

Author: Günter Stach

Günter Stach, Honorary Master of the Bund Deutscher Rassegeflügelzüchter (BDRG), has been organized since childhood and has been working as a journalist for the German-language trade press since 1964. He has already published several reference books on pigeons and poultry at Oertel+Spörer.

2012, 3rd edition, 152 pages, numerous, mostly colored illustrations and drawings, hardcover

Language: German

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