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Edition Harri Deutsch: Zootierhaltung Grundlagen

Language: German
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Edition Harri Deutsch: Zoo animal keeping - basics

The six-volume publication “Zoo animal keeping” is written primarily for zoo keepers and employees of zoos.


Findings on care, nutrition, behaviour etc. in zoological gardens are processed and thus made accessible to the keeper.


The basic volume illuminates "the zoo animal" from a variety of aspects and thus provides the necessary theoretical framework for successful zoo animal keeping.


A historical outline of the zoos in Germany and a detailed treatise on the anatomy and physiology of vertebrates are followed by chapters on tribal history and genetics,


Breeding science, behavioural science, nutrition, hygiene and pathology, animal geography and ecology


In addition, the introductory volume of the series is devoted to nature conservation and animal protection and provides final instructions on the capture and transport of zoo animals.


The book is included in the teaching aid program of the "Akademie für Vogelhaltung".


 431 pages, new


Language: German

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