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Edition Harri Deutsch: Vögel Zootierhaltung

Language: German
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Edition Harri Deutsch: Birds - zoo animal keeping

With more than 10,500 species, birds form the second largest class of vertebrates and have found a firm place in zoos as well as among enthusiasts. Many important findings have resulted from the experiences of both professional and private keeping, which are presented in this volume.


In a brief first general part, the basics of bird keeping are explained. Of particular importance for bird keeping are the establishment of facilities, the handling of dangerous animals, the release of bred animals into the wild and various breeding programs.


The main part presents all the regulations with representatives from all bird families, with the emphasis on species relevant to keeping. The first section provides information on distribution, habitat, food and breeding biology in the field. The housing sections provide detailed information on housing, feeding and breeding birds in human care. This is followed by information on the maximum age of individual species.


About 580 photos illustrate the work, which concludes with a list of further technical literature.


For the present new edition, the information on keeping birds has been updated.


The book is included in the teaching aid program of the "Akademie für Vogelhaltung".


Over 800 pages, new, article no.: 9783808559154



Language: German


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