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Dr. Uwe Westphal: Das große Buch der Wintervögel

Language: German
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The Big Book of Winter Birds

Observe - Identify - Protect

Watching birds in winter is just as exciting as watching the autumn migration or the arrival of migratory birds in spring. The supposedly "bird-poor" winter period is even particularly suitable for beginners, as the species spectrum is manageable and birds are easier to spot and observe in bare bushes and trees.

In this richly illustrated book, Dr. Uwe Westphal presents more than 180 winter bird species in detail, which are assigned to different habitats, e.g. city, village, forest or beach. General aspects such as survival strategies or the effects of climate change are also covered. In addition, compact species portraits provide information on characteristics, voice, food, behaviour, status and special features.

This book arouses curiosity and encourages you to discover and observe our native winter birds on your next winter walk.

Practical tips on suitable conservation measures round off the book.

Author: Dr. Uwe Westphal

2020, 240 pages, 275 colour illustrations, 3 tables, 6 maps, hardcover edition


Language: German

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