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Dr. Lothar Staeck: Entdecke den Amazonas Regenwald

Language: German
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Discover the Amazon Rainforest


The Amazon rainforest is one of the most species-rich and exciting habitats on earth! Here you can observe hairy tarantulas, poisonous frogs and the mighty jaguar at the foot of gigantic trees. In the crowns, lively monkeys cavort, wonderfully shiny hummingbirds visit the flowers. And in the water lurk anaconda, caiman and piranha. In this book you will learn everything about plants, animals and people of this region full of natural wonders!


From the contents:

·        The Amazon, a river of records

·        One needs the other: like plants and animals interdepend

·        Sharp teeth, strong muscles, deadly poison: extraordinary species

·        Under water: in the realm of the river dolphin

·        In harmony with nature: the indigenous people of Amazonia

·        Fantastic colour photos


Extra: Big Amazon Rainforest Quiz


56 pages

colour photos throughout

large format: 20,7 x 28 cm, hardcover


Language: German

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