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Dr. Dietmar Köhler: Wachtelhaltung

Language: German
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Quail keeping

Breeding, nutrition, marketing

This technical book with all worth knowing one around the quail attitude - in the 3. revised edition - gives an introduction to the biological bases, the domestication history and the natural behavior of the quail. The reader gets an overview of scientific questions, especially in the field of breeding and genetics - especially about color strains and feather color combinations. The author explains how this knowledge can be applied directly and successfully.

A further focus of the guide is the comprehensive instructions for keeping, brood care - including artificial brooding - as well as rearing, feeding and production of quail products. Finally, some recipes show how versatile quails can be used in the kitchen.

All topics are presented in an understandable way and are illustrated by numerous figures and tables and summarized in clearly arranged information boxes. Thus, everyone who deals with quails in their free time, professionally or scientifically, receives an indispensable guide for practical use.

Author: Dr. Dietmar Köhler

Dr. Dietmar Köhler worked for many years as a research assistant at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Leipzig in the field of small and laboratory animal breeding and keeping and then as the scientific director for extensive animal husbandry at the Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft in Sachsen-Anhalt.

2016, 3rd edition, 176 pages, 62 color illustrations, various tables, hardcover

Language: German

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