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Dr. Dietmar Köhler: Tauben

Language: German
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Nutrition and feeding

The right nutrition and feeding of pigeons can be very different, depending on the goals of the pigeon breed, the keeping of carrier pigeons, highflyer or tumblers or the production of meat pigeons. Also within the annual cycle different feed mixtures are necessary to provide the pigeons with the best possible care for the breeding of their young or especially to bring the plumage colors to full bloom. The nutrition also influences the performance of the pigeons.

Every pigeon breeder and fancier will find in this book all information about the correct feeding and healthy nutrition of his pigeons - a unique work in this density for all pigeon breeders and pigeon fanciers who want to care for their pigeons in the best possible way and also pamper them from time to time without fattening them.

Author: Dr. Dietmar Köhler

Dr. Dietmar Köhler is a longtime passionate breeder of different pigeon breeds. He was a research assistant at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Leipzig in the field of small and laboratory animal breeding and keeping, and most recently he was scientific director for extensive animal keeping at the State Institute for Agriculture in Iden (Sachsen-Anhalt). His professional experience and knowledge are the basis for this detailed reference book.

2017, 2nd edition, 176 pages, illustrated throughout in 4 colors, hardcover

Language: German

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