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Detlef Singer: Welcher Vogel ist das?

Language: German
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What bird is that?

Plumage, males, females and flight pictures

This bird guide shows 400 bird species of Europe, each with up to six photos. This makes it easy to distinguish between the different plumages, males, females, young birds and flight pictures. A special identification key allows even beginners to clearly identify birds after only a short time of seeing them. Many extras, such as a large egg board, round off this comprehensive and clearly arranged identification book. Recommended by NABU.

KOSMOS-Nature Guide - All birds of Europe


Author: Detlef Singer

Detlef Singer is a graduate biologist with a focus on ornithology. He lives and works in Sweden.


4th edition 2017, 432 pages, 1.411 colour photos, 74 colour drawings, paperback


Language: German

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