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Carola Knecht, Hobby Wellensittich-Zucht

Language: German
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Hobby budgerigar breeding


Budgies are among the most common and popular pet birds and many keepers of these adorable little parrots would also like to raise their own offspring. Since 2014 this is also possible for every hobby keeper, because the permission obligation for breeders has been dropped. For responsible breeding, however, it is not enough just to hang a nesting box in the cage. Apart from a species-appropriate keeping, which should be a matter of course for everyone, many other things have to be considered, planned and prepared. And one should also know how to solve any problems or complications that arise, as well as the basics of genetics. All these questions are answered in the book and it is also a decision support, if a breeding is possible for you at all.


An indispensable guide for hobby breeders of small parrot birds and all who want to become one!


Language: German

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