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Anita Schäffer: Vogelbestimmung für Einsteiger

Language: German
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Bird identification for beginners

Identify 30 species easily

Birds can be seen almost everywhere and at all times. It is precisely this diversity that makes it difficult for beginners to distinguish species quickly and accurately. In this book, Anita Schäffer presents completely new ways to memorise 30 common bird species, many of which can be seen every day, on the basis of their most striking features. The author takes an extremely methodical approach and describes typical behaviour, striking appearance, distinctive voices or clear habitats. Equipped with these identification aids, all those interested in our bird world, especially beginners, will soon be able to find their way around our fascinating world of birds and be pleased that their own list of species is getting longer and longer.

Author: Anita Schäffer

2020, 104 pages, 334 colour illustrations, paperback


Language: German

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