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Gutjahr: Waldvögel

Language: German
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Forest birds

Way of life - Behavior - Strategy

The forest is one of the most important habitats for birds. Nowhere else can so many bird species be observed as in the native deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests. Whether the forest is suitable as a habitat for a certain bird species depends, among other things, on the size of the forest, the terrain, the climate, the food supply and possible predators.

Axel Gutjahr introduces 66 forest-bird-types from Central Europe in this book. Kurzporträts with brilliant photos inform about typical characteristics, spreading areas, main food, brood as well as characteristics of the respective bird kind.

This book is a valuable companion for forest walks and arouses the joy of discovery for the native bird world.

Author: Axel Gutjahr

2020, 160 pages, 210 color illustrations, hardcover

Language: German 

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