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Bielfeld: Kanarien

Language: German
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Feathered singers in many colours

With the canary the choice between birds of quite different kinds is not easy: Excellent singing quality in moderate volume offers the "Harzer Edelroller", the songs of other singing species differ clearly from those of the "Roller". Colour breeds come up with their wonderfully beautiful plumage: green, yellow and pied, red, orange, brown, slate-coloured, white and numerous combinations and nuances thereof. Finally, there are the type canaries, often with a centuries-long tradition in human captivity. Some wear pert hoods or filigree curled plumage. Almost all are portrayed in this book with colour photographs. For daily care, nutrition, confidant care, disease prevention and breeding, there is detailed information and interesting facts about the history of the canary in human hands.


4th edition, hardcover, 192 pages, 27 x 20,2 cm, numerous colour photos and drawings


Language: German

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