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Bezzel: Vögel - Was Sie schon immer fragen wollten

Language: German
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What you always wanted to ask

222 answers for the curious

The life and behavior of our native bird world raises many questions - and the answers are full of surprises. Are there birds everywhere? Which birds live on the open sea? What actually is a meadow nesting bird? Why do birds sing? Are there parrots living in the wild in Germany?

With this book, Einhard Bezzel, one of the most renowned and experienced ornithologists in Germany, enters into a dialogue with the readers, as it were, by formulating 222 questions about our feathered neighbors as they could have been asked both by beginners and by "old hands". The concise but always exhaustive answers are often astounding and provide many new insights. Additional information boxes contain the most important facts about behavior and lifestyle such as storage, swarming behavior, nest building, and much more, and contribute to a better understanding.

A book, which all those interested in our bird world will not be put out of your hand!

Author: Einhard Bezzel

2020, 224 pages, 71 color illustrations, 40 b/w illustrations, 12 tables, hardcover

Language: German 

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