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Böhre, De Raedt: Greifvögel und Eulen

Language: German
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Birds of prey and owls

The species of Northwest Europe


More than a bird guide - a total work of art!

Majestic, wild and mysterious - birds of prey and owls impress us with their unique lifestyle. In captivatingly beautiful, realistic illustrations, this bird guide tells us everything about the species we observe. The book allows a fascinating insight into their behavior and provides information about anatomy, distribution, prey and migratory routes. Informative in every detail, entertaining to read and a feast for the eyes - a wonderful gift for every bird lover.


Authors: Paul Böhre, Joris De Raedt


1st edition 2018, 256 pages, 310 color drawings, 115 b/w drawings, 93 color plates, hardcover edition


Language: German

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