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Bärbel Oftring: Bei dir piept's wohl

Language: German
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You've got a bleeper!

Get to know me and do something for me - 95 garden birds and their songs

Whether in the garden, on the balcony or on the way to work: we encounter wild birds almost daily. This book offers the possibility to deepen the acquaintance with our feathered guests effortlessly, up to a playful "voice training". Migratory bird or loyal to the location? Cave-breeder or nest-builder? Bärbel Oftring presents all the important and interesting facts about 95 common garden birds in an expert and entertaining way. You can listen to the calls and songs of each species via the free KOSMOS-PLUS-app. Mnemonics and mnemonic rhymes help to memorize the birds' voices. Those who want to protect birds and feed them in a species-appropriate way will also find many useful tips here.


Author: Bärbel Oftring

Bärbel Oftring studied Biology at the Universities of Mainz and Tübingen with a focus on Zoology, Palaeontology and Botany. The author and editor of numerous garden and nature guides and children's books lives near Stuttgart. For many years she has been leading natural research groups at primary and secondary schools. It is important to her that the children can get involved in the adventure of nature and make their own discoveries. Two of her books were nominated for the "Jugendsachpreis des Vereins für Leseförderung".


1st edition 2019, 144 pages, 300 colour photos, 1 b/w photo, 10 colour drawings, 1 b/w drawing, 1 colour chart, paperback


Language: German

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