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Asmus & Lantermann: Australische Sittiche

Language: German
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Australian parakeets: Keeping, breeding and protection of species

Up-to-date, comprehensive and informative book about the Australian parakeets. Their species-appropriate keeping and breeding is described in 40 species portraits with great photos. Australian parakeets include the most popular and most frequently kept pet birds. Budgerigar and cockatiel are probably the best known representatives. But numerous other species captivate with their splendid colours or their special behaviour and attract more and more bird lovers. This book leaves no question unanswered about Australian parakeets and the species from New Zealand and the Pacific region. A new standard work for the friends of these beautiful parrot birds.


Jörg Asmus is the species protection consultant of the VZE (Verein für Ziergeflügel und Exoten). He has published over 200 articles in ornithological journals in Germany and abroad. Werner Lantermann, born in 1956, is a graduate social scientist and has been involved in the keeping of parrots for almost 40 years. He has observed and studied the behaviour of numerous species. He has reported on this in numerous journals, specialist journals and books. For his publications and his breeding successes he was awarded several prizes.


The book is generously illustrated and has a hardcover.


192 pages, numerous colour photos, 23.5 x 16.5 cm


Language: German

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