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Anja Steinkamp: Hühner

Language: German
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select, hold, maintain

A life in a small group, a nice barn and daily exercise on the meadow with hiding places make chickens happy. Their optimal keeping, a healthy diet and an understanding of their behavior give them security in daily handling. And as a reward the poultry lays fresh eggs every day. Everything that is important for species-appropriate keeping: from the selection and housing of the hens to feeding, care and employment. The plus to the book: the free KOSMOSPLUS app with additional information and films.

Author: Anja Steinkamp

The heart of Anja Steinkamp - doctor of biology - beats for pets, especially for gerbils and chickens. Her love for animals has made her a profession: she manages the consumer service of a well-known feed manufacturer and provides advice to pet owners. For many years she has been keeping a group of 15 chickens in urban areas.

2019, 2nd edition, 80 pages, 135 color photos, paperback

Language: German

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