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Adrian Thomas: Gärtnern für Tiere

Language: German
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Gardening for animals

Must a wildlife-friendly garden be overgrown? How do I get robins to breed in my garden? How can I attract and encourage more wild bees?


"Gärtnern für Tiere" clears up mistakes and shows how a garden can be transformed into a small or large, elegant or wild animal paradise so that many different species of animals feel at home and find a home in it:


·        make the kitchen garden or ornamental garden wildlife-friendly

·        Step by step to the right habitat for the desired animals

·        Portraits of around 300 garden plants (flowers, shrubs and trees), which are not only ideal for some wildlife species, but also beautify the garden

·        several hundred animal species (birds, butterflies, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, bees, dragonflies) are presented with their respective needs for life

·        a work calendar accompanies the course of the year.


Whether the garden is large or small, a kitchen garden or a playground: "Gärtnern für Tiere" shows the way to a garden paradise for people and wild animals.


1st edition 2013

240 pages, full colour

bound, 21,5 x 27,5 cm, 1183 g

Haupt Verlag


Language: German

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