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A.-K. Gomringer: Unsere ersten Hühner

Language: German
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Our first chickens

Pure country life feeling


·        An atmospheric and very authentic guide for prospective chicken farmers

·        For happy and healthy chickens in your own garden

·        Keep chickens and do everything right from the start


Would you like to conjure up a nature-based balance to your everyday working life, fresh breakfast eggs with their own guarantee of origin or fascinating country life in your garden? You will certainly have a lot of fun with chickens. This guide will give you an authentic insight into all the important things about keeping chickens, from Joanna and her family. Browse through it and learn almost incidentally what is important in practice.


Author: Anne-Kathrin Gomringer

Anne-Kathrin Gomringer studied agricultural sciences and has been dealing with the topic of livestock farming in a committed and enthusiastic way for many years. She grew up on a small farm and has a lot of experience in keeping chickens, cattle, pigs, ducks and rabbits.


2012, 110 pages, 104 colour photos, 24 drawings, softcover



Language: German

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