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Élise Rousseau: HühnerGlück in meinem Garten

Language: German
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ChickensLuck in my garden

Everything you need to know about purchase and maintenance


Élise Rousseau came up with the chicken: She praises the little poultry as an alarm clock, egg supplier, snail hunter and true comedian and doesn't want to miss it in her garden anymore. In this lovingly illustrated, illustrated and very nicely written guidebook, she tells prospective chicken keepers everything they need to know: which breeds of chicken are suitable for beginners, how best to house chickens in their own garden, what feed they need, how to protect the henhouse and run from robbers and much more - in a way that is absolutely worth reading. An informative chicken guide to browse and smile!


Author: Élise Rousseau

Élise Rousseau is a journalist and author. For years she has been committed to environmental protection and the conservation of endangered breeds of domestic animals.


2018, 176 pages, 110 colour photos, 123 colour drawings, card cover



Language: German

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