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Glendell, Greg: Papageienschule

Language: German
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Parrot school - ways to a problem-free coexistence

The well-known English animal behaviour therapist Greg Glendell describes how responsible and sensitive parrot care can prevent behavioural problems. He explains how to analyse the background of screaming, plucking, biting and destructive behaviour. In combination with an adequate environment for the birds, which must be created at home, he shows how such disturbances can then be brought under control again in small training steps, which are based on the causes of the behaviour.


A basic training of the parrot guarantees good communication between him and his owner. Frequently used practices such as wing clipping and dominant behaviour towards the bird as part of so-called "training" tend to lead to increased behavioural problems. Advantageous for the birds is a training based on rewards and the possibility to fly under safe conditions.


This book shows in detail how the environment and the handling of the parrot can be arranged in this way. The method is based on the scientifically based "Applied Behavioural Analysis", through which behaviour can be changed. It is the most bird-friendly way, the parrot receives rewards and incentives to learn desirable behaviour, and to do so in the time and in such steps that are pleasant for himself. There is no such thing as the quick way, and any other method that promises this should be viewed very critically.


- Indispensable for parrot friends - Up-to-date according to the realizations of the behavioral biology - converted for practice -


Greg Glendell is a biologist, specializing in human and animal behavior. He has been interested in birds all his life, studied the native birds of Great Britain as an amateur ornithologist and worked in nature conservation. Received his first parrot in 1986, a blue-fronted Amazon, since 1999 independent bird behaviour therapist with his own consulting practice. Many British veterinarians specialising in birds refer to him and he also gives advice through his website. He is committed to the well-being of pet parrots and helps to find the right places for young birds or those parrots that have become homeless. He does not breed, buy or sell any birds.


Size 22,6 x 17 cm, hard cover, 128 p., numerous illustrations


Language: German

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