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Reinschmidt, Matthias: Farbatlas Papageien - 2. Auflage

Language: German
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Coloured parrot guide, 2nd edition

The colourful world of parrots


·        Comprehensive portraits of all types

·        Classification according to kinship groups

·        Pictograms for information at a glance


At exhibitions, when visiting bird parks, zoos and on trips all over the world - this compact parrot guide is everywhere. Clearly arranged information about name, origin, description, way of life, breeding and endangered status of the parrots in captivity is presented in individual portraits. Pictograms give you a fast overview to minimum keeping temperature, size of the animal, ring and clutch size.


Matthias Reinschmidt


Color Atlas Parrots. 353 species in portrait. 2nd updated edition 2017


384 pages, 355 photos, paperback, ISBN 978-3-8186-0095-2


Language: German

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