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Arndt, Th.: Lexikon der Papageien 3.0 (DVD)

Language: German and English
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The lexicon of parrots is now finally available in version 3.0 on DVD. It is world-wide unique and presents all parrot kinds and subspecies in text and photo.


Were improved and/or new are added in this version:


- all species and subspecies are shown as photo - all new described parrot species are presented


- over 2000 portraits and field, habitat and aviary photographs - very detailed introduction with illustrations


- Description of all genera with the latest taxonomy - 400 video and audio sequences - Hundreds of breeding and keeping reports to read


- practical scrolling and search functions.


About two thirds of all parrot species are presented in short video sequences, and the typical calls of many species can also be played back as audio files. It is the extended data DVD version of the book of the same name. Like the book, the CD is also unique in the world, as no other work has managed to present all species and subspecies without gaps. In the future there will also be updates of the DVD version, which the buyer of the basic version will be able to purchase at a very reasonable update price.


Windows version (from Windows 98) in German and English, over 2000 colored photos and maps, about 400 video and call sequences.


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