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Yvonne Lantermann: Wellensittiche - Artgerecht halten und pflegen

Language: German
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Budgerigars - species-appropriate keeping and care

From the contents:

Budgies are one of the most common pets. They are easy to care for, robust and now available in many different colours. Despite their seemingly undemanding nature, they are highly social animals that can only be kept in a species-appropriate manner in the company of other animals of the same species. In this book you will learn what to look out for and how to best handle these lovely parakeets.

·        Origin and ancestry

·        Species-appropriate budgie keeping

·        Suitable housings

·        Feeding

·        Employment and free flight

·        Care and health

·        Budgerigar breeding


The author:

Yvonne Lantermann has been successfully keeping and breeding budgerigars for many years, whereby the most species-appropriate group keeping is particularly close to her heart. In this series she has already published at Cadmos the book about guinea pigs.


Format 17 cm x 24 cm, paperback, colored illustrations, 32 pages


Language: German

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