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Thomas Haupt: Kanarienvögel

Language: German
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The competent beginner's guide for species-appropriate canary keeping


Canaries love the company - of other canaries and of humans. When they feel completely comfortable, the birds are curious to go on a tour of discovery, become trusting and develop their full vocal talents. Soon the lively singers will become an integral part of your everyday life.


The author Thomas Haupt has been keeping canaries himself for many years and as a veterinarian he deals with them almost daily in his practice. In the new GU Tierratgeber Kanarienvögel he clarifies all important questions about purchase, species-appropriate keeping and care, balanced nutrition and varied accommodation. What should you consider when flying free? And with which snacks and playing possibilities do you make your feathered friends really happy? Many practical tips on incubation, breeding and diseases round off this guide and guarantee your feathered friends a long and happy life.


ISBN: 9783833811692

64 pages, flap brochure


Language: German

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